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About Us:

It started for us about 15 years ago.  My parents rescued a male Boston terrier who had a deformity in his elbow.  His sister also had a deformity so they rescued her as well.  It was love at first sight! It didn't take long for us to see how unique and intelligent this amazing breed is.  Through the years, my family has owned nearly a dozen of these dogs and there is never a dull moment. We are currently located in southeastern Michigan and we are dedicated to providing quality Boston terrier puppies. Boston terriers are very affectionate, loyal pets with a desire to please you. We strive to breed quality pets with good markings and great temperaments.

Why We Breed:

First of all, we are NOT a kennel. We are just a small family that have a tremendous respect for this amazing breed.  Over the years, I have personally owned so many different types of dogs that I have really had a great opportunity to see just how different Boston's are.  I have owned poodles, cocker spaniels, siberian huskies, rotweilers, chow chows, pugs, some I know I am forgetting, and Bostons. The Boston is by far superior in its communication skills with its owner in my personal opinion. We breed because we would like to be a part in contributing to the joy people get out of these dogs as well as to help the Boston breed thrive for generations to come.   Long live the Boston Terrier!!! 

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